International education

SALTO: Develop Active Learning Talents Together
SALTO is a group of 19 public primary schools and 2 schools for special primary education in Eindhoven, a large city in the southeast of the Netherlands. With 36% of primary school-aged children in the  Eindhoven area go to SALTO, making it the second largest school board for primary education in Eindhoven.

We believe in qualitative and future-oriented education that provides room for integral talent development. SALTO is accessible to all children of the Eindhoven city region, including students with an international background. 

International education

Do you want to know who SALTO is and what we stand for? We summarize our core story in a short animation film.

Our various SALTO schools offer a broad range of international programmes, such as:

  • Programmes with increased and integrated use of English from the age of 4: early foreign language education (15%) or Bilingual Primary Education (50%);
  • Schools with international oriented language policies (e.g. Dutch as a foreign language / translanguaging);
  • IPC schools (IPC = International Primary Curriculum);
  • International exchange programs (e.g. e-twinning);
  • (World-) citizenship programmes.

SALTO International School RISE and I-St@rt
SALTO also has two international departments: SALTO International School RISE and I-St@rt. These departments focus on the Eindhoven knowledge workers who stay in the Netherlands for an average of 6-7 years and on Dutch internationally orientated families in Eindhoven. In addition, these international departments functions as a SALTO-wide knowledge centre for support on internationalisation issues.

Our curriculum

50% of the lessons are in Dutch as formal language lessons (both as an additional language or mother tongue level) as well as integrated in other subjects, such as mathematics. The other half of the time the children work with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in English and/or in their mother tongue.

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