International education

SALTO is a group of 22 public primary schools in Eindhoven, also for internationals. We believe in qualitative and future-oriented education that aims for holistic talent development and that is accessible to all children of the Eindhoven city region.

All children of the Eindhoven city region? So also to our students with an international background! We already have several concepts to offer that cater for the needs of international children. And we are currently further developing more educational concepts throughout our schools.


International education

Our various SALTO-schools offer a broad range of international programs, such as:

  • English as a foreign language, starting from the age of 4;
  • Programs with increased and integrated use of English: VVTO (15%) or TPO (50 %); 'under development'
  • Schools with international oriented language policies (e.g. Dutch as a new language / translanguaging);
  • IPC-schools (IPC = International Primary Curriculum);
  • International exchange programs (e.g. e-twinning);
  • International events and celebrations;
  • (World-)citizenship programs.


The coming months / years you can expect more and more of these programs in our SALTO-schools.


More information? Send your contact details to; we will keep you updated.